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What is your Goal?

Weight Loss & Toning

Workouts that are designed around strength will not only help you shed fat but help build a toned physique. At Core Strength & Performance you will reshape your body in fun and challenging ways that will have you excited to step in the gym again!

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Strength & Muscle Gain

We train different and we’re proud of that! Our Core classes utilize several different training practices such as bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman, we customize our programming to help maximize muscle growth while minimizing injury.

Aside from our Core classes, we offer Strength Training for Athletic Development for those who are looking to take their training to the next level. The training is designed specifically for your sport to create a more powerful, explosive, stronger athlete. Our main focus is to elevate your performance in your sport while working towards bulletproofing your physique to help prevent injuries.

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50 & Over Fitness

At Core, we work with your ability and not your age. We “scale” our training to tailor the individuals needs so that means the workouts are suited just for you!  Over 60% of our members are over 55 years of age and so we invite people of all ages give us a try and you’ll see why our baby boomer clients love working with us!

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Women's Fitness

Our ladies make up most of our members here at Core for many reasons. They are tough, work hard and never complain! Most of our ladies walked into our gym as “weight training newbies” but have since shed inches off their waist while creating a new strong body!  Don’t get stuck running around like a hamster on the treadmill, come over and flip, throw and push your way to a stronger, leaner physique!

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Sports Training

Your athlete needs a foundation. Our program is a performance program for beginners that focuses on building a STRONG base strength. No nonsense and no gimmicks. Just straight up advice from experienced coaches who were once beginners too. With our athlete training program, athletes of all ages get the tools they need to improve strength, endurance, speed, power, and flexibility. Our Coaches provide an encouraging environment that guarantees success for all ability and experience levels.

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