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You made it to the last day of our course!
This week we covered planning healthy meals, how to portion those meals for you, how to master meal prep, and how to add delicious chef inspired super shakes to give you a nutritional boost.
So, how does this all fit together? You could certainly add all these new habits into your new lifestyle, but we don’t recommend it.

The Way We Do Things

Here’s how we approach our coaching: One small thing at a time. 

When we can focus on one thing at a time, more often than not we succeed. That can’t be said for when we try to do EVERYTHING at the same time.

It’s simple. We make the goal so easy to achieve that it’s almost effortless. Effortless is the point because in your busy, crazy, hectic day, adding complicated steps like prepping a week’s worth of meals is just too much to ask. 

No wonder why most people jump onto fad diets and immediately fall off. 

We Do The Opposite And Get Results
We ask you to do one thing different.
An example of our method is simply planning one meal per day. Just plan a meal. Anything else you do is just bonus points. All I’d ask you to do is once a day for two weeks is take five minutes and plan out only one meal for the next day. Write out the ingredients and anything you’d need for a grocery store trip. That’s it. That’s your small, daily habit!
Sure you can make the meal and eat it, but what happens if you don’t? Then you fail at your goal? That’s not productive. By breaking this habit down into an easy step like just planning the meal, you’re less likely to fail, and you have less commitment of your day. Anything beyond your goal is bonus! That’s a much better feeling than failing.
What Happens Next
You Just Planned Two Weeks of Meals! WOW!

The next small habit would be to schedule a time into your day to eat them. Yes, just schedule them into your day. If you were to prepare and eat the meal, that’d be bonus points. Remember, keep it simple and set yourself up for success!

The next habit would be to prepare the meal. Notice how we worked on the habit of scheduling the meal first? We wouldn’t want you to make the meal and then have to throw it away because you didn’t eat it. That’s a failure. We want success and momentum! As the saying goes: It’s not our first rodeo.

If you mastered these habits over six weeks, that’s more progress than a majority of people that start a diet. These small steps lead turn into big results!

Our Coaching Program

The last five days is just 1% of what we cover in our 12-month coaching program. Our coaching gives you daily accountability from me as your coach while we work through habits like I explained today and the lessons you completed this week for an entire year. The progress we make in a year can be life-changing. If you’re interested in joining our next coaching group, fill out the form box below and we can talk more about it.

Note From Coach Heidi

I want to thank you so much for taking our Nutrition Made Simple Course! Even if it’s just the smallest bit, I hope we added to your nutritional knowledge. 

It’s our mission to help as many as we can by guiding them to healthy and happy lifestyles, and you can be a part of that with us! 

As always, we always appreciate any feedback, so if you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me! 

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Coach Heidi

What Our Members Say...


Came in 5 days a week at 9 Months pregnant

This is the BEST gym ever! I started out with one of their challenges and fell in love with the place. Both Deven and Heidi are amazing. They care about you as an individual and work with you towards your personal goals. It’s been six months since I started going to the gym here and I’m still motivated to keep going! That’s never happened for me before!

-Joni O.


Drop 2 sizes, 22lbs and trains consistently 4x a week

 I usually hate working out but Deven makes it enjoyable while still pushing you. I’ve been going for about a month now and seeing great results.

-Philip L.


Reached My Goals!
Thank you! We’re so very thankful for yalls help reaching our goals. We are very comfortable and so confident in your care! Thank yall!

-Stephanie G.


4 Weeks, 7lbs lost
Heidi and Deven are exceptional at what they do! Not only do the preach fitness but they also live it! Their gym is one definitely worth visiting! With an absolutely amazing variety when it comes to machines and equipment. They can even design a program that best fits your needs! Definitely worth a visit!

-Scott L.


Came in 5 days a week at 9 Months pregnant

Deven and Heidi are wonderful! I started coming a few weeks ago when I was almost 7 months pregnant. I was initially nervous since I’ve never done strength training before, but that quickly went away as I saw how knowledgeable and supportive they are. Class sizes are limited which allows focus on each individual person. I walked in with the mindset of just staying active as long as was safely possible. I now feel like I’m on a program that not only helps me stay active, but gives me energy and will benefit my recovery after birth.

-Stephanie B.


1 Min Dead Hang & 3 Total Inches Lost in 4 weeks
This place is awesome! They work with my issues and believe me I have them. They are great for any level of fitness that you are at.

-Denise M.

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