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Ever thought about powerlifting?

But thought, “I don’t want to look stupid” or “I don’t know what I’m doing”. Well then this is the right step for you.

Core Barbells Women Only 12-Week Powerlifting Program is perfect for ladies who have been interested in lifting heavy! This class focuses on getting your feet wet and learning the basics of powerlifting & strength training.

Our experienced coaches will train you through the Foundational 3 movements, squat, bench and deadlift while focusing on increasing your strength & fitness. Time is spent on proper posture and form so when meet day comes around, you feel confident and secure you know what you’re doing. 

When Does It Start?

The 6 women only, small group beginner-intermediate course begins Tuesday, July 9th. Classes will be held every Tuesday & Thursday from 6:15pm-7:30pm for 12-weeks. After the 12-weeks are up, you are ready to move on to our mock Core Barbell Meet! Best way to see your progress is to see you compete here at the gym! You’ll be surrounded by a supportive environment of your fellow training partners and other great members of the gym!

This 60-90 minute class will typically start with a briefing on what will be covered, a structured warm-up, skill coaching on a particular movement or two, the customized workout, then a cool down and brief lecture on a particular topic of the day. 


    • 12-Weeks of Private Small Group Training, 3x week with a group of 6 or less people per class. 2 classes will be with Coach Heidi (Tuesday & Thursday) and one will be at your own leisure (preferably Saturday).We keep our class sizes small so that we can pack each session with as much quality training as possible ($600 Value)
    • Custom Programming where Coach Heidi will asses your movements and create a powerlifting training plan that works for you. ($100 Value )
    • Nutrition Essential Guides. You receive a custom Quick-Start Guide based on your answers in our digital intake questionnaire. The guide is meant to help you begin navigating food and nutrition in the real world, whether it’s at home or on the road. We’ll be doing a deeper dive into each of those concepts in the actual program, but for now. ($25 Value)
    • InBody Body Composition Analysis With our medical grade body analyzer, we get a detailed printout of your water, lean muscle and fat to better put together an action plan for your training ($30 Value)

      This VALUE PACKED 12-Week program is over $800

      but you get it for $199 a month! 

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What Our Members Say...


Came in 5 days a week at 9 Months pregnant

This is the BEST gym ever! I started out with one of their challenges and fell in love with the place. Both Deven and Heidi are amazing. They care about you as an individual and work with you towards your personal goals. It’s been six months since I started going to the gym here and I’m still motivated to keep going! That’s never happened for me before!

-Joni O.


Reached My Goals!
Thank you! We’re so very thankful for yalls help reaching our goals. We are very comfortable and so confident in your care! Thank yall!

-Stephanie G.


1 Min Dead Hang & 3 Total Inches Lost in 4 weeks
This place is awesome! They work with my issues and believe me I have them. They are great for any level of fitness that you are at.

-Denise M.


10 Total Inches and 9lbs

Alysse is being featured for kicking butt in only 4 weeks and committing to journey from the day she walked in!

-Coach Heidi

stars“I love Heidi! Let me just put that out there first lol. She taught me that being fit was a lifestyle. Meal preping, working out, goal setting. I fell in love with the gym, I fell in love with my body again. The results were unreal, I was back down to 123lbs at one point and I had muscles.”

-Jessica C.

stars“These people mean serious business and if your looking for some inspiration & motivation then this is it right here! Amazing!!”

-Kimberly M.