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Fresh Start Challenge Huntsville


My first step began with a challenge.
With a little push (and a little bit of effort), you can have the life you want — happy, healthy, active, energetic, and connected.

THE CHALLENGE IS SIMPLE — You’ll spend the next six weeks improving your health, your happiness, and your relationship with yourself and others. The journey from here to there is not necessarily easy (but it is possible for anyone who is willing to commit to the effort). 

We know that even if you know what to eat and how to exercise; actually doing it is another. And unlike other fitness programs, Fresh Start Challenge isn’t a diet plan.

Our challenge bridges the gap between knowing what you’re “supposed to be doing” and finding real-life, workable strategies for actually eating well and staying active, in the long run.

It requires small steps, repeated time after time. Habits that guide you towards changing your bad habits to healthy, life changing habits. 

And after the Challenge is over, you’ll choose for yourself — is this how you want to live? Are these habits are right for my life? Do you want to be rested and well-fed, active and limber, fit, less stressed and more connected?

We think you do.

And so we created the Fresh Start Challenge. To help you get there.
Because ultimately, we believe in you — and in your power to change your life for the better.

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You’ve tried dieting and getting back into shape, again and again.

We get it. You’ve tried a lot of different diets. Maybe it was lemon water & cayenne for a few days, or cabbage soup for a week…heck it might have even been a diet of just COOKIES (Yes, there is such a thing. Enticing, I know). We as coaches have certainly tried many of these diets. And we think that we can all agree that many of these diets work only for a short time.


So it begs the question: Why do these diets fail in the first place?

Well, these diets don’t address the underlining issue: our habits.


Here’s How The Challenge Works

Each day for the duration of the 6-week Challenge,

you’ll get points for completing each of these Daily Habits.


There’s no change that will affect you stronger than altering what you eat.

Creating new healthy habits and focusing on your nutrition is the driving force for our challenge. With the Fresh Start Challenge, we choose foods based on their ability to positively impact your health and well being.

This means that we encourage you to eliminate processed foods from your life while adopting a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, good fats, and quality proteins.


Heart pumping, small group classes with coaches who care about seeing you succeed! 

We designed the workouts so that you can come 3-5 days and FEEL GREAT- not drained. Everyone who steps in our gym knows that we will work at YOUR fitness and not try to make you do something you can’t or SHOULDN’T be doing. Working out doesn’t have hard all the time- it should be something that gives you ENERGY and RESULTS!

But even if you cant make it in for all 5 days, we realize that any type of exercise is GOOD exercise. We don’t debate on what type of exercise you should be doing because they can all have tremendous health benefits.


Restore your ability to move your body through its natural ranges of motion.

Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time limits our bodys natural movement and sadly we tend to stretch when it’s “all ready bad”. Stretching, self-massage, and range-of-motion exercises that undo the effects of modern life.

When you pursue mobility for 10 minutes a day, you’ll find yourself moving more naturally, experiencing less pain, and enjoying exercise more.


Sleep, the one thing we know we need more of but rarely focus on.

Sleep influences your health, your mood, your mental abilities and even your body fat level. Work, family responsibilities and social obligations seem to always shorten the amount of good sleep we receive. We know this is a problem and so we ask that you only have a sleep goal. Creating a number of hours and minutes you sleep each night and making it stick, attempting to get just a little more sleep than you would otherwise.


Each day you can accumulate points

from completing each of these daily habits below.


Eat nutritious, healthy foods from your food list provided


Train with us at least 3x a week. Other days be active 30 mins


Stretch, mobilize or yoga 10 mins a day


Sleep for a duration you select. One that leaves you feeling rested


Habits are worth 15 points everyday. 

Scores are recorded on the Vital League iOS app or Android app, keeping challengers on track and accountable for their results. You’ll also be able to see how well your friends and other challengers are doing.


10 Points

for Food

2 Points

for Exercise (30 mins elevated heart rate)

2 Points

for Sleep (naps count towards your total)

1 Point

for 10+mins of Mobility


All we want is for you to SUCCEED.

 That’s why we are giving you EVERYTHING we can to help you along the way. If at ANY time you need some extra guidance or a quick reminder about why you started, we’re here to keep you ACCOUNTABLE.

  • 6-Weeks of Unlimited Classes ($253 value)—We designed this training so that you can come 3 days a week and FEEL GREAT! We challenge you but never have you work through pain. A free program from a website or book may work alright for you, but do you really want to settle for just alright? With a coach that can mold and adapt to changes in your body, mind, and lifestyle you will know that you are always on track to meeting and then exceeding your goals. Classes on M, W, F at 5:45am, 9:30am & 5:00pm.
  • MetaShred Diet Book ($22 value) —When you’re ready to lose fat, you want to lose it fast. And that’s exactly what The Metashred Diet was designed to help you do. Created by Men’s Health nutrition adviser Michael Roussell, PhD, The Metashred Diet is Men’s Health’s first rapid weight loss program. It’s 100% scientifically designed to help you burn fat at the fastest possible rate for your body while maintaining every ounce of your hard-earned muscle. We even tested it on real people just like you.


The Big Bang, Minimal Equipment Workout ($50 value)— Can’t make it to the gym? No worries we got you covered! The Big Bang Workout gives you BIG RESULTS with minimal equipment. It’s heart pumping & finished in under 35 minutes! Add that to your daily points!

Fillable Weekly Meal Planner ($5 value) — A Fillable, easy to use weekly planner to help you plan your meals for the week. Download it and start typing your meals in!

Community Support Group—Surrounding yourself around like minded individuals who are reaching for similar goals can only set you up for success. Our interactive Facebook group will keep you updated on recipes, tips & tricks as well as weekly bonus points. Immediate access to coaches for support.

Challenge App Tracker—Easily track your points, check who’s on the leaderboard and stay on top of the challenge through our custom Vital League App.

Fresh Start Cheat Sheet—No confusion on what to eat with our easy YES/NO guide.

10% Off Supplements—Every participant receives 10% off any of our supplements. (In-store only)

A $330 value for $189 when you join before January 1st!



The cost to participate in the challenge is $199 however SPECIAL OFFER for $189 till January 1st. 

We like to reward the most interested and motivated people, because they always make the best clients. Join before January 1st and pay the lowest price offered. With your entry, you also have the chance to receive $10 gift card back for 100% compliance the first 2 weeks, and the opportunity to win additional prizes (to be announced) for best overall results! You will also get:

    • 1 Male & 1 Female Winner will receive 100% of their money back & ½ off their 1st months membership.
    • 2 Runner-ups will receive 1 Naked Creatine and ½ off their 1st months membership.
    • All members who hit all baseline 15 points of the day (not including bonuses) for the first 3 weeks of challenge will receive a $10 coupon to the CSP store.


Here’s the timeline for the challenge. It runs from Jan. 15th – Feb. 26th 2018

  • Now through January 14thSign-up for this year’s challenge at the front desk or email [email protected]
  • January 13thInformational Meeting at 10:30 am Core Strength & Performance. During this meeting, we will discuss all the specifics of the challenge options and answer all your questions.
  • January 15th at 12 AM The Fresh Start 6-Week Challenge begins!
  • Halfway Individual Meetings: This 30 min Follow-up meeting time will be reserved by January 13th.
  • February 26th Challenge FINISHES!! We will go over the everything to determine the winner by February 24th, potluck day below
  • Closing Community Potluck: March 3rd at Noon! Gym-wide community potluck where you might have chance to win prizes depending on how well you did!

Don't Take Our Word For It...


Came in 5 days a week at 9 Months pregnant

This is the BEST gym ever! I started out with one of their challenges and fell in love with the place. Both Deven and Heidi are amazing. They care about you as an individual and work with you towards your personal goals. It’s been six months since I started going to the gym here and I’m still motivated to keep going! That’s never happened for me before!

-Joni O.


Drop 2 sizes, 22lbs and trains consistently 4x a week

 I usually hate working out but Deven makes it enjoyable while still pushing you. I’ve been going for about a month now and seeing great results.

-Philip L.


Reached My Goals!
Thank you! We’re so very thankful for yalls help reaching our goals. We are very comfortable and so confident in your care! Thank yall!

-Stephanie G.


4 Weeks, 7lbs lost
Heidi and Deven are exceptional at what they do! Not only do the preach fitness but they also live it! Their gym is one definitely worth visiting! With an absolutely amazing variety when it comes to machines and equipment. They can even design a program that best fits your needs! Definitely worth a visit!

-Scott L.


Came in 5 days a week at 9 Months pregnant

Deven and Heidi are wonderful! I started coming a few weeks ago when I was almost 7 months pregnant. I was initially nervous since I’ve never done strength training before, but that quickly went away as I saw how knowledgeable and supportive they are. Class sizes are limited which allows focus on each individual person. I walked in with the mindset of just staying active as long as was safely possible. I now feel like I’m on a program that not only helps me stay active, but gives me energy and will benefit my recovery after birth.

-Stephanie B.


1 Min Dead Hang & 3 Total Inches Lost in 4 weeks
This place is awesome! They work with my issues and believe me I have them. They are great for any level of fitness that you are at.

-Denise M.


Early registration discount offer open till January 1st. Pay $55 now to hold your spot in the challenge!


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