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Core Nutrition

Online nutrition & fitness coaching program that has transformed lives of over 45,ooo people now available here!

Say goodbye to never-ending fad diets, calorie counting and mindless binging.

It’s time to take control. Time for something different.

Core Performance’s Nutritional Coaching Program helps you make important changes to your eating habits and lifestyle choices, so you can finally improve your health and get the body you want.

We’re here to help you overcome challenges you’ve been facing for years and focus on empowering you into getting in the best shape of your life – for the rest of your life.

We’ve partnered with Precision Nutrition to offer an advanced service so that YOU have access to this extraordinary online program, ProCoach.

Take a look at how Nutrition Coaching powered by ProCoach has helped thousands of people achieve long lasting results!

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You’ve tried dieting and getting back into shape, again and again.

We get it. You’ve tried a lot of different diets. Maybe it was lemon water & cayenne for a few days, or cabbage soup for a week…heck it might have even been a diet of just COOKIES (Yes, there is such a thing. Enticing, I know). We as coaches have certainly tried many of these diets. And we think that we can all agree that many of these diets just don’t work.


So it begs the question: Why do these diets fail in the first place?

Well, these diets don’t address the underlining issue: our habits.

Your habits and behaviors are profoundly affected by your lifestyle, your emotions, your job, your family, and even how much sleep you get. These habits are automatic. You don’t think about them, you just react to the situation and go.

Even if you know what to eat and how to exercise, sometimes these things in life come first. Knowing what to eat and how to exercise is one thing; actually doing it is another.

Unlike other weight loss or fitness programs, Core Performance Nutrition Coaching isn’t a diet plan. We acknowledge that most people need support to make the “doing” happen.

Our coaching bridges the gap between knowing what you’re “supposed to be doing” and finding real-life, workable strategies for actually eating well and staying active, in the long run. We do this by guiding you towards changing your bad habits to healthy, life changing habits. Once you’ve established one healthy habit, we move on to the next till all of those bad habits are gone.

Why does this work? You take the time and practice these habits.

Just like a music teacher would have their student practice the piano everyday, we do the same with our coaching. We work on the fundamentals. We make those fundamentals automatic. And just like a piano teacher would practice reading music, teach a variety of chords, and practice how to keep composure when playing at a recital, we do the same with nutrition. We get you ready to make automatic healthy choices in real-world scenarios.

That’s what having a nutrition coach is all about. Having someone that can lead you from the fundamentals to the total command of your nutritional skills and provide you with a lifetime of living healthier, happier, and lean.

We know, we’ve been there too.

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Here’s What’s Included

Coaching & Guidance

No confusing plans to follow. We don’t just dump information on you and hope you learn it. We deliver small daily lessons to help you build solid nutritional habits. Along with the daily lessons and habits, we check your progress every other week.

365 Daily Curriculum

This isn’t another diet plan. No quick fix juices, tons of supplements to buy, or bad-tasting shakes to drink. We focus on teaching you balanced, healthy, and life-long nutrition habits.

Daily Accountability

Every day you check-in with your coach. Every two weeks we give you an essential habit we want you to work on each day. Along with that habit, we give you a short, daily lesson to help you better achieve that new healthy habit! Imagine what we can do in a year!

Precision Nutrition

Powered by the best! Our nutrition coaching platform is designed by the best nutrition coaching organization in the industry! Over 100,000 people have gone through the PN coaching platform and we’re bringing that exact same coaching to you!

Small Steps Everyday

Nutrition + Strength Training = recipe for success! Creating new healthy habits and focusing on your nutrition is the driving force for our training but it would not be complete if we didn’t include a strength training program. We don’t want you to just look leaner, we want you to walk confidently and feel strong.

Fitness Program

We are proud to use what is proven to work. The practices, skills, and habits you will be taken through during your training  is the based on the latest behavior change science. These are PROVEN results with thousands of people!


Gym membership + In-Person Trainer
$350-$1,500 per month
In-Home, In-person Personal
$350-$900 per month
Popular Diet Food Programs
$200-$500 per month

Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life.

It’s time to improve your health, get the body you’ve always wanted, and say bye to dieting forever. Along with practicing habits, we give you daily lessons to reinforce those habits. What do we teach you? Here’s a quick look at our Coaching curriculum!

Weeks 1 – 4
  • Learning how the program works.
  • Getting to know us and more importantly you!
  • Writing your owner’s manual
  • Learning the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger
Weeks 5 – 8
  • Basic Portion Control
  • Kitchen Makeover
  • The basics of lean protein
  • Easy ways to eat more protein
Weeks 9 – 12
  • Making smart carb choices
  • How to eat more vegetables without hating it
  • Basics of cooking veggies
  • Carb cooking skills
Weeks 13 – 16
  • Eating healthy fats
  • How eating fat gets you lean
  • PN Friendly Meals
  • Kitchen Fundamentals
Weeks 17 – 20
  • Keeping yourself consistent
  • How to track what you eat without keeping a log
  • Don’t count on calories
Weeks 21 – 24
  • How to drink less calories
  • Tea or coffee?
  • Take a break, it won’t hurt you
  • Halfway. Wahoo!
Weeks 25 – 28
  • The importance of sleep and weight loss
  • How to recover the right way
  • Learning to eat whole foods
  • Shopping for whole foods
Weeks 29 – 32
  • Superfoods
  • Getting a little better each day leads to big results
  • Balancing your meals
  • Mastering meal prep
Weeks 33 – 36
  • Mastering cravings
  • Know yourself
  • Food and relationships
  • Deciphering the never ending stream of fitness information
Weeks 37 – 40
  • De-stress
  • Hormones, and the scale
  • Finding your fitness focus
  • Do less, Win more
Weeks 41 – 44
  • Writing your own fitness story
  • Getting your head right
  • Ignoring the noise
  • Be the best you
Weeks 45 – 48
  • How to maintain
  • The feast challenge
  • Taking your ultimate success photos
Weeks 49 – 52
  • Paying it forward
  • Inspiring others to be fit to keep yourself fit
  • How to keep your results coming
  • Crossing the Finishline

Let’s take a look on how the program works!

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