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Athlete of the Month: Margine D.

Margine works harder than many women I know to make fitness a part of her life. She had been working out for several years before training at Core Strength & Performance. Though she loved the people she worked out with, she needed a change to her fitness. Margine has taken the bull by the horns and has trained consistently with...
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Buddy Week | September 2018

Got a buddy looking to make some self improvements? Bring them with you to train for free during our Buddy Week, starting October 1st! Bring the same friend everyday or a new friend everyday, but bring them in to get a fresh start on their fitness!! It’s never too late to get fit & strong

Athlete of the Month: Vickie M.

Vickie is one of the most positive, fun loving women I know. Since the day Vickie stepped into Core, she’s been an open book to learn a new style of fitness. With a long history running marathons, Vickie was looking for something different that would also challenge her. She was going to a gym but not utilizing it they way...
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