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Our Core Values


“Kaizen” is a Japanese term and philosophy that focuses on constantly improving for the
better. Think, always a white belt. Striving to learn, improve, and grow.

Process Driven

Do not focus on the end result. Instead focus on
whether the journey has made you better. How you can improve for next time?

Self Disciplined

Focusing on the discipline over ones self instead of a skill or craft.


The ability to keep your composure under pressure, and to bounce back after
set backs to normal level of performance


Show a desire to improve oneself through lifting
others up.


Understanding of peoples concerns, successes, and failures. Ultimately caring enough to help them overcome and achieve.


Educating others to be stronger, more confident, and self sufficient so they can control their own success.

What We Do

Core’s community is built on the journey. We understand that it takes more than a few days to reach your goals of building stronger relationships, stronger bodies, and stronger minds. We want you to be comfortable that you have selected the perfect place to achieve your performance goals and our confidence to help get you there.

Outside of 1-on-1 private training, we never workout alone. Instead, we train with a small group of people and one of our experienced, professional coaches. By working with a small group of 12 athletes or less, we give the personal attention that can’t be found at a large gym. Our coaches design smart, fun workouts everyday and help customize it to suit each individual’s fitness level. All workouts are 60 minutes or less and guaranteed to make you work hard.

What Makes Core Strength & Performance Different?

When you walk into Core, you’ll find an intimate setting that allows us to give you the personal attention you need. We are no ordinary training facility and we are proud of that! Instead of rows of cardio machines, you have 24/7 access to kettlebells, specialty barbells, fatbells, sandbags, ski-urges, airdyne bikes and space for squatting, pushing, pulling, jumping, lifting and throwing – moving our body the way it is supposed to move. We focus on improving movements that are necessary and common in our daily activities, like picking up our kids or moving that bag of mulch from our trunk to the backyard. 

We pride ourselves in communicating with our clients to ensure each individual receives the attention and guidance he or she needs to reach their personal fitness and health goals. We celebrate sincere dedication, intelligent training, and skillful execution. Everyone from our owners, clients and those walking through the door for the first time can feel it. We value each person as an individual.

Our Coaches


Co-Founder & Physical Preparation Coach


Co-Founder, Nutrition & Performance Coach

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